True History of the Kelly Gang

True History of the Kelly Gang

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It took me a bit longer to finish this one. Not sure why because I really enjoyed it and reading this book never felt like chore.
I think the main reason why it took so long was that I read everything a bit slower. The book is written as a letter from a father to his unborn daughter. The story takes place in Australia in the 1870’s and is written in old Australian English style. Often I had to re-read a sentence. This is probably because English is not my native language.

I liked this book a lot. Again the story is sad and demands everything from the characters to survive and make the best out of their lives. It’s a story about how life can be so unfair for many people and hope is often the only thing that keeps you going.
Stories like this one feels like they make me stronger and make me think a lot about my own life and everyday decisions I make. I even feel guilty sometimes, I’m sitting there in my cosy chair with my cup of thee reading about all the misery these people have to go through.

“after we ate we was silent on our blankets looking out across the mighty Great Divide I never seen this country before it were like a fairy story landscape the clear and windy skies was filled with diamonds the jagged black outlines of the ranges were a panorama.

You’re going to ride a horse across all that.

I know.

He laughed and he were right I knew nothing of what lay ahead.

See that there he pointed. That is called the Crosscut Saw and that one is Mount Speculation and yonder is Mount Buggery and that other is Mount Despair did you know that?

No Harry.

You will and you’ll be sorry.”

I finished the book a couple of days ago and I’m reading another book already but I keep thinking about ‘ True History of the Kelly Gang‘. The fact that I keep thinking about it and had a lot of emotions throughout the book means it had a much bigger impact on me then I first realised. This is why I rate this book the maximum. Not sure everybody would like the way it is written and I have to admit it wasn’t always easy for me to follow the story.

Again a massive book and I’m so happy I found this one. Every great book I read makes me even more motivated for this challenge and the long-term satisfaction it will give me.

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2 thoughts on “True History of the Kelly Gang

  1. Emelie Sanders says:

    Very interesting. Usually I’m not interested in history-related literature. I think it’s all in my head. I’ve convinced myself historical fiction and/or literature is too school-related, if you know what I mean. From what you said about this book, I think I might need to change my perspective on that. I’ll be sure to check this book out, I’m sure I can find it dirty cheap somewhere. Thank you for the review!! I really enjoy your blog and I encourage you to post more often and possible about more things?

    Best Wishes!

  2. Thx Emelie, I always appreciate your comments.

    One of the reasons I took on this challenge was to force myself to change my perspective on a lot of different subjects. In my list you can see that I have books in almost all possible categories. I’m not a fan of police/detective books or tv series but I’m reading Dying Light by Stuart Macbride right now and have to admit that it’s fun to read. So give it a shot, don’t kid yourself thinking you don’t like something before you tried it.

    Only posting about my books, poker and me running a marathon later this year is a conscious decision. Though I have a strong opinion on many subjects I don’t feel like posting or sharing them at this moment. I agree though that I should post a bit more. I will definitely post a lot more once I start training for my marathon.

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