Why poker ?

English: A Spanish Deck of Cards (1495-1518)

I got into poker through the gaming scene I was a part of 7 years ago. More and more gamers made the transition to online poker. They not only seemed to love the game but also made some money playing. It was just a matter of time before I made the jump and joined the rest.

I quickly knew that I did not have the most talent for the game or card games in general. I had to study and play a lot to get results. I made some money during the years though, I even went ‘pro’ for a year. I quit my day job to grind the tables online. It wasn’t a big success though I would definitely not consider it was a failure either. I made more money during that period then I would have made working my day job. This was probably the most fun I had during my life so far. Oh, the freedom I had back then..

I almost forgot, why poker ?

It’s hard to explain and I realise it’s hard to understand if you are an outsider.

Poker gave me more in life than anything else I have done. I got to know some amazing people during the years, both live and online. People who are incredibly smart and interesting. I felt emotions I never felt before in my life. I learned about patience, discipline, hard work and never giving up.

I got to know myself through the wonderful game of poker.

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9 thoughts on “Why poker ?

  1. Amazing… so real-life poker skills do help you in online poker? I thought that people who made money using online poker were mostly using card-counting software!

    • Hey James,

      Thx for your comment !
      Its more the other way around. Poker,live or online, helps you in real life. You learn to have patience and discipline which are of most importance in life.

      Card-counting is something that is used in Blackjack. There is no such thing in poker. Most serious online poker players use software to keep track of their results. It’s just a way to look at the hands you played in the past and learn from your mistakes. These programmes are legal to use at most respected online poker sites.

  2. Couldn’t be more true..

    Poker has made me a better person.

    Nice post! 🙂

  3. Yes I mainly play online at Pokerstars. With the new legislation in Belgium my options became very limited in what rooms to play at though. But Pokerstars is fine because that’s where the most action is when it comes to the mixed games.

  4. Ye the situation for you guys is terrible. Hope it will clear out soon..
    Will definitely check out the articles. Thank you !

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