Earning 10.000$ in 2012 playing online poker

So basically the goal is to win 10.000$ in 2012 playing online poker starting with a 500$ bankroll.

I will be playing and studying different forms of poker:

– Limit 2-7 Triple Draw

– No Limit 2-7 Single Draw

– Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

– Pot Limit Omaha

– Razz

– Limit Seven Card Stud

– Limit Stud Hi/Lo

– No Limit Holdem

– Limit Holdem

– Badugi

You will be able to follow my progress and everything that comes with it. Hands, graphs and stats will be posted on regular basis.

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2 thoughts on “Earning 10.000$ in 2012 playing online poker

  1. I disapprove of this, but good luck anyway. At least allocate equal time to poker and to reading. Reading is by far the more respectable goal.

    Why not “raise $10,000 for charity” instead?

    • I respect your opinion James. For a poker player money is just a way of keeping score.
      I have been thinking a while about charity and this year I started with microloans on Kiva. It gives me a great feeling and it’s definitely something I will keep doing in the future. Maybe you’re right about raising 10.000$ for charity, you got me thinking so thank you 🙂 Will keep you updated.

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